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Rodney’s Audio Shop is a distributor of high-end Car Audio equipment and Accessories. Established in 2005, Rodney’s Audio Shop has worked tirelessly synonymous with some of the country’s top installers to become the holder of premium lines in the industry.

We deliver superior customer service at competitive prices alongside established winning products.

New Products
KDC-X700KDC-X700$1,800.00Add to Shopping Cart
KDC-X998KDC-X998$1,800.00Add to Shopping Cart
KDC-X300KDC-X300$1,300.00Add to Shopping Cart
KDC-X500KDC-X500$1,500.00Add to Shopping Cart
DDX-593DDX-593$2,800.00Add to Shopping Cart
DDX-793DDX-793$3,200.00Add to Shopping Cart
DDX-393DDX-393$2,600.00Add to Shopping Cart
NSB-AGM65NSB-AGM65$2,500.00Add to Shopping Cart
NSB-AGM94RNSB-AGM94R$2,300.00Add to Shopping Cart
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